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Frequently Asked Questions

Many have questions about how we run at The Dashing Hound. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Does my dog need to have their shots?

Yes, we require all dogs to have their rabies and Bordetella shots. The Bordetella shot protects your dog and others against kennel cough.

How long does each Grooming take?

We like to have your dogs for 2 to 3 hours. This ensures that each dog is fully groomed and dry and looking their best!

Are we clean?

Yes, we are very clean. We take pride in our shop and like to make sure everyone is healthy and happy.

I have a special-needs dog that needs extra attention, can you groom them?

We have several dogs that are blind, deaf, or paralyzed and our shop is very accommodating to them.

I’m on a strict budget are you expensive?

We are extremely reasonable

Do you take large dogs?

We have a hydraulic table that is excellent for bigger dogs and it also helps with dogs who have bad hips and are very old.